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Being emotionally unavailable is a defense mechanism; it protects your precious heart and prevents you from getting hurt.


It also blocks you from love. 


Maybe you find yourself closing off when you really want to open up. Your past experiences or the story that it's not safe to be vulnerable takes over, and you feel like fleeing.


Or maybe you feel flooded with so many emotions that you can't make sense of what's happening, let alone share it with someone else. 


Either way, something is preventing you from tasting the fruits of intimacy and sharing your precious heart with someone else. 


Love requires vulnerability. It's hard to love with a closed heart. 


Being emotionally available means being open to getting hurt and opening up to the deepest and juiciest kind of love possible.


The best way to maximize love while reducing pain is to deepen your capacity to feel and identify kind, loving people who value the importance of emotional availability.


Join us, and we'll do this work together.

Join The Club of Emotionally Available Lovers

Thousands of students have taken my courses and are living a more open, vulnerable, and intimate life because of it.


They've taken these tools and applied them to their relationships with lovers, friends, family members, and colleagues. 


They've found ways to get closer to those that matter and protect their heart.


These tools can help you find peace when it feels like everything is crumbling around you.


Develop the emotional resilience to move through conflict, discomfort, and uncertainty with a newfound sense of courage.  

Over 5 hours of instruction with Shaun Galanos. Sign Up For $249.

I Want Emotional Maturity

In This Course, You’ll Learn:


✨ Seven Ways to Identify Emotionally Available People


✨ How to Avoid Shutting Down When It Gets Too Intense


 Three Techniques to Release Emotional Anxiety and Fear


 How to Talk About Your Feelings With Courage (even if you're not sure what you're feeling)


✨ The Importance of Holding Space for Your Loved Ones


✨ The Four Types of Unavailability Preventing You From Finding Love



This Course Is for You if You’d Like To:

 Become more emotionally available to those that matter


 Recognize emotional availability in others


 Experience more intimacy in your current relationship


 Learn to sit with and process emotional discomfort


✨ Turn towards intimacy with an open heart


✨ Learn to open up slowly to people who are safe and loving

What You'll Receive:


✨ 5 hours of training with me


✨ Lifetime access to the session videos (download them after the course is over)


✨ Lifetime access to my private Facebook group


✨ Downloadable PDF of all techniques and scripts 


✨ A 100% money-back guarantee if you're not happy with the course


All This For $249 


Become Emotionally Available

What People Are Saying About Shaun’s Courses:

"Shaun’s course gave me the tools and clarity I needed (and it’s paid itself in dividends ever since)!"

-Jacinta Alisia

”This is the most honest, safe, open, and generous community…I could ever have imagined possible."

-Mike Ferdig

"Shaun's course helped me navigate the dating world and find exactly what I needed in a partner."

-Annette Blair

Join an Army of Big-Hearted Lovers (Aren't You Tired of Doing This Alone?)

What Past Students Have Walked Away With From This Course

What Past Students Have Walked Away With From This Course

"How to spot emotionally unavailable behavior in others"


"I actually learned a lot more about myself and my inner child, and the fact that I have been neglecting her."


"1. That my struggles with this aren't unique (good!), 2. That strong, open relationships take (a lot) more effort than I have been willing to give in the past"


"So many good things. So many helpful scripts. Biggest thing for me is this: I heard and viewed a quality of communication and constructive ways of connecting that I have never seen before. Or experienced."


"The language to use when asking for a partner to become more emotionally available. "


"That it's OK to not know what's coming up for you emotionally but talk about me feelings anyway, and the scripts to share that."


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About Your Love Coach


Hey, my dude. You probably know me from Instagram or TikTok, but you might not know that I've personally coached hundreds of people in my private practice and taught thousands of students through my online courses.


While I love giving quippy, sassy advice on my social media Q&As, I also enjoy working with individuals and groups in a more thoughtful, intimate, and kind container. 


I hold certifications in Personal and Professional Coaching from Concordia University, Rape Crisis Counseling from BAWAR in Oakland, CA, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Interpersonal Communication from UC Santa Barbara.


But, more importantly, I'm a huge love nerd that struggled a lot with relationships growing up.


Somewhere along the way, through sad breakups, challenging family struggles, and lots of therapy, I befriended my emotional landscape, developed the language to talk about my feelings, and finally experienced the intimacy with loved ones I've always craved.


I still don't show up perfectly in all my relationships, but I have the tools to be open, honest, and vulnerable with those close to me. I'll share those tools with you. 


I hope you'll join us.


I’m Ready to Open Up to Love!

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What People Are Saying About Shaun

"Listening to Shaun speak feels like the comfiest blanket is cocooning me. He somehow makes the scary topic of setting boundaries and making requests feel accessible and simple."

- Jillian Richardson 

"Shaun is one of the best facilitators at taking commonly talked about concepts and explaining them in simple, powerful, and integrative ways."

- Jake Fishbein 

"Shaun’s course gave me the tools and confidence to ask for what I need in a relationship."

Allison Goddard