A 3-Month Online Intensive Group on Building a Big Courageous Love Life




Finding love and building a big, beautiful life you're proud of doesn't happen alone. You need a community of loving souls to support, witness, and challenge you. 

It's harder to grow, heal, and challenge yourself if you're the only one who knows what you're going through. An incredible beauty emerges when you realize you're not the only one going through it.

Seeing others share vulnerably normalizes your struggle, and when we normalize, we reduce shame. This is the work we can do together.

You'll be amazed at the deep intimacy that can develop when you open up to others in a safe, loving, and tender container. 

That's why I created Love Camp. 


An online group coaching program hosted and facilitated by me, Shaun Galanos, for people who want to build a big, exciting life full of love and fulfilling relationships.

It's simple: We'll meet every week for three months, and I'll coach each of you through your challenges in dating, intimacy, and relationships in a loving group container with others showing up with courage, vulnerability, and the desire for a better life.

You'll receive individualized and direct coaching, advice, and suggestions on how to deal with and overcome your challenges.

No topic is off-limits; I'll work with whatever you're showing up with (as long as I'm qualified to help.) 

Ready for a challenging, authentic, and fun way to grow, gently stretch your comfort zone, and write the next chapter of your love life?


Every week we'll meet for 90 minutes to discuss your experiences and get your questions answered live. Your group is limited to 40 people. 


In between calls you'll be able to chat with Shaun and your fellow Love Campers in our private WhatsApp group just in case your need a pre-date pep talk or need advice on a relationship challenge. We got you!


Don't worry if you miss a few sessions - call recordings will be saved so you can catch up whenever you like.

The work of stepping into your courage, power, and vulnerability doesn't happen alone; let's figure this out together. 

JOIN THE LOVE CAMP - 20 seats left


 Healing from heartbreak so you can stop worrying about your ex and start dreaming about your new lover.

Finding joy in singlehood so you can stop being lonely and start loving and getting to know yourself.

 Modern dating to meet new people, avoid common frustrations and make the most of your precious time.

 Deepening intimacy to feel closer to your loved ones, turn towards intimacy and build stronger relationships. 

 Holding space for yourself and loved ones to feel more comfortable with difficult and uncomfortable emotions and conversations. 


 Ready to go deeper but don’t want to do it all alone

 Ready for some spiritual, emotional, sexual, and relational upgrades in your life

 Ready to take responsibility for your life and the direction it takes moving forward 

 Believe that love is for you and identify as a hopeful romantic

 Into personal development but don't take yourself too seriously (or would love to learn how not to)



 Not ready to have Shaun lovingly hold your feet to the fire

 Unwilling to look at your part and take responsibility for your actions

 Struggling with an acute mental health crisis without the support of a trained mental health professional

 Wanting to go at it alone and not ready to connect with a lovely group of people (and probably make a few friends along the way)



Meet Shaun and your fellow Love Campers on Zoom at our Happy Hour meetup on January 7th at 10 am Pacific.
BYO Hot Chocolate :)


Asking for what you want is hard. In this course, you’ll learn how to ask for anything, say no with love, and set healthy boundaries. 


Lifetime access to our private Facebook group so you have support and a community as you navigate dating and relationships after camp is over.



I’m Shaun Galanos, a speaker & coach helping people have better, more loving  relationships.

Years before I made love my career, people brought their messy relationship issues to me: when to define the relationship, how to know if they like me, how to ask for what I need, etc.

Though I gave excellent relationship advice, I struggled to form healthy relationships. I fumbled through one after another, often bringing more pain and confusion than love and joy. 

My struggle with healthy relationships and alcohol addiction brought me to therapy. For the first time, I found a therapist I connected with and began the journey to healing my fear of intimacy and my confusion about love. 

My communication theory background came in handy when I started applying it to my relationships: It turns out that asking for what you want is the best way of getting what you want! 

It sounds simple, yet it took time to learn how to do it, so I returned to my roots as a relationship-advice giver to teach others what I’d learned (and am still learning) about love, intimacy, and building healthy, loving relationships.

I’ve interviewed over 100 experts and thought leaders in love with The Love Drive podcast. I became certified as a rape crisis counselor to support women's healing journey after abuse. And I obtained coaching certifications to deepen my understanding of how to serve my clients best.

After thousands of happy students and hundreds of happy clients later, I'm starting to get the hang of it! (Though I'll always be a forever student of love.)

Opening yourself to love, learning to trust again, and building a big and beautiful love is not easy work, so I’ve created a space where we’ll do it together.

Let’s make sense of it all and give you the skills to navigate relationships with clarity, courage, and confidence.

Ready for more clarity, confidence, and courage in your relationships and your life? You're just a click away.

JOIN THE GROUP NOW - 20 seats left


Sorry, friend. We've already begun and registration is closed for this cohort. Drop your name and email below to get notified of the next cohort later this year.

Just in case you're wondering...

I'm walking away with more confidence to show up as my authentic self

After a two-year hiatus from dating, I realized I was a bit out of touch and feeling confused upon starting that chapter of my life again. Queue Shaun and his wizardry nature to modern love and relationships.

The material flowed so cohesively, and having the group experience made me feel heard, a sense of not feeling so isolated, and a bond in that we are all in this together.

I'm walking away with more confidence to show up as my authentic self and the trust that it's necessary and valid for me to communicate, ask questions, and express my needs while dating (and beyond)! I feel more available to the relationship process and how I'm showing up to it.

I appreciated Shaun's openness, candid approach, and genuine heart that shined through during this experience. If you feel called to this program, go for it, and you'll be glad you did!


I found my voice and let go of any fear of judgment

My biggest takeaway was the the courage I gained to speak my needs to my partner and others. I’m a people pleaser and tend to forget what I want when working to please others.

There is beauty in how you word your unfiltered and honest guidance. It gives me faith that there are others out there that I can share with honestly without shame or judgment. 

I feel I found my voice and let go of any fear of judgment as I regularly find I’ve been my biggest critic. You have helped me embrace my sexuality more than I ever have, and it feels so natural and comfortable. 

Shaun provided the perfect platform to discuss some intimate subjects openly. I would take another one of his courses or maybe even a retreat in the future. Thank you, Shaun!


I'm no longer scared to say what I mean & ask for things

I'm going through a divorce after an 18 year partnership and when I started the program I was counting down to a huge milestone...my 50th birthday, AND dabbling in dating. I feel I wouldn't be as healthy as I am now going through all this if not,  in part, for this program. 

The way Shaun presents the content concisely, the interaction he encourages with the group, and the thoughtfulness he employs in answering questions, along with his transparency around his personal experiences all contributed to me keeping an open mind,  grasping the concepts and new ideas,  and feeling confident putting them into practice immediately. 

Being in the program while I was starting to date was fantastic because I had an opportunity to ask questions in the weekly call. Even if I didn't have a question for the week, hearing other group members' questions and different experiences than my own helped too. Through one of my questions, Shaun actually helped me find the wording for my dating profile which resulted in an overwhelming response and several dates! 

I started seeing one guy in particular while in the program,  and thanks to Shaun's advice, after being very reactive and jeopardizing the new relationship I was able to salvage it and happy to say we are still seeing each other after 3 months! I don't think I could've sustained the relationship without putting the skills I learned into practice in real time. 

Since completing the program, I'm not scared to say what I mean and ask for things (in the right way) like I used to be, which has been a huge take away. It definitely felt like a safe space to share and discuss sensitive topics.  

Thanks,  Shaun for putting together this program and the help you gave me directly! It's been a game changer for me.  I've had my challenges of course but months later, I'm still falling back on the skills I learned when these struggles arise. 


He’s allowed me to show up better for myself 

I found Shaun on Instagram and have since shared his account with many friends who follow him now. Being in a class where he interacted in real-time, shared valuable information, and answered peoples’ questions so thoughtfully was awesome. His authenticity, vulnerability, and raw humanity are rare and empowering. He’s allowed me to show up better for myself.


Shaun is one of the best facilitators...

at taking commonly talked about concepts and explaining them in simple, powerful, and integrative ways. If you're looking to shift your approach to dating, follow The Love Drive and try a new approach to dating and relationships! 


Listening to Shaun speak feels like the comfiest blanket is cocooning me.

He somehow makes the scary topic of setting boundaries and making requests feel accessible and simple.

- JILLIAN, Healthy Communication Course

Realize your own needs and truths with compassion and love

The sense of community Shaun builds in this workshop brings people together with one goal: communicate your way to a beautiful life. He speaks with enormous clarity and insight, helping you to realize your own needs and truths with compassion and love.

- SAMANTHA, Healthy Communication Course



$499 X 3

Three Payments of $499

  • Three months of group coaching
  • Over 22 hours of live group calls
  • Limited to 40 people only 
  • 13 seats left in Tuesday's cohort, and 20 left in Saturday's
  • Private WhatsApp group for your cohort

  • Access to the Healthy Communication course (a $350 value)

  • Lifetime access to the private Love Support Facebook group 




One Payment of $1,497

  • Three months of group coaching

  • Over 22 hours of live group calls

  • Limited to 40 people only 

  •  13 seats left in Tuesday's cohort, and 20 left in Saturday's

  • Private WhatsApp group for your cohort

  • Access to the Healthy Communication course (a $350 value)

  • Lifetime access to the private Love Support Facebook group 


10% of proceeds will go to The Loveland Foundation to help provide mental healthcare and therapy to Black women and girls.

10-Day Money Back Guarantee

Spend a week in the program, join us for the first call, and if it's not your jam let me know and I'll send you a refund.

Have more questions - send me an email at [email protected]