Getting Your Needs Met: Identify Your Needs & Make Requests That Work

In this course, you’ll learn tools to identify your needs, make requests that work, and how to move forward when they can't.

What you'll get:

  • over 5 hours of recorded instruction with Shaun 
  • take-home journal prompts and exercises
  • a 30-page resource document (with scripts and tools)
  • lifetime access to a private support group (on FB)
  • lifetime access to the course videos


What People Are Saying About This Course:

Shaun provides an excellent structure to the class, makes the content feel accessible & digestible, and offers excellent supplemental resources.


If you struggle with identifying your emotions, desires, needs, and deal breakers, I HIGHLY recommend taking Shaun's course. I'm happy I made this step for myself. You would be too.

Anna Marie

I love the way Shaun takes complex issues and makes them easy to understand. He does this with humor and compassion yet pulls no punches. I love the online community he's built; it's a place I can go to for support and feedback in between sessions. Great value!


Getting Your Needs Met is a game changer!! You don't have to be in a relationship to get a lot out of this workshop. Shaun does a fantastic job following up with the recordings, sharing other participants' comments and additional resource links. I am so impressed by his ability to create an inclusive community with the participants.


$149.00 USD